Aesthetic Cosmetology

Aesthetic cosmetology helps to solve many cosmetic problems without aggressive therapy.

Aesthetic cosmetology includes various facial and body care programs, chemical peels, stimulating carboxytherapy, removal of unwanted hair on the face and body - epilation (dropacism or using sugar), as well as eyebrow shaping (shaping, coloring).

Aesthetic cosmetology programs for the impeccable beauty of the body and face. The opinion that it is impossible to achieve significant results with the help of aesthetic methods is wrong. With the help of specially selected face care programs, the face can significantly improve its overall skin complexion condition, get rid of wrinkles and pigmentation, work with microcirculation in the face area, thereby improving skin tissue respiration and nutrition from the inside, lift the face oval, and achieve a pronounced rejuvenation effect. We also offer a chemical method for the rosacea treatment - the problems of the vasoganglion appearance on the face.

In case of acne, aesthetic methods of cosmetology, such as various options for skin cleansing and peeling, go side-by-side  with medication, which helps to achieve the best results in the shortest time.

Moreover, with the help of various methods of aesthetic cosmetology, the rehabilitation period after invasive cosmetic procedures (contour plastic surgery, thread lifting) and surgical interventions can be significantly reduced.

The modern capabilities of the cosmetology clinic and aesthetic medicine provide a qualitatively new approach to skin care and overall appearance. Aesthetic medicine, hardware and therapeutic cosmetology form a procedures package that guarantees healthy appearance of your skin and preserves its youth for many years.

The services of a cosmetologist are not only professional advice and assistance for face care, but also the selection of an individual treatment and skin care program. For you, a cosmetologist (dermatologist) will select effective procedures that will give you youth and skin health.

Aesthetic Cosmetology

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