General surgery

General or viscerogenic surgery is a section of surgery that refer to the operations on the abdominal organs, including the esophagus, stomach, small and  large guts, liver, pancreas gland, gall bladder biliary tracts, and often the thyroid gland. In addition, operations associated with diseases of the spleen and hernias can be related to general surgery.

Each department of general surgery at Badam Medical Center has its staff which consist from only experienced doctors of the highest qualification who use the latest developments of international experience in their activities. Badam Medical Center is fitted  with the latest equipment of high accuracy and efficiency. Thanks to this, the whole range of surgical operations can be performed, including: abdominal, laparoscopic, robotic, minimally invasive, endoscopic.

All types of complex surgical operations in the department are performed by laparoscopic and open methods. Patients suffering from diseases of the liver, gall bladder and biliary tract, with tumors of the pancreas, pathologies of the small and large intestines, spleen with open and laparoscopic methods, perform operations on the stomach, gall bladder and biliary tract, endoscopic operations, laparoscopic removal of diaphragmatic hernias, partial and complete pancreas removal, proctologic operations, etc.

Such a unique surgical operation as laparoscopic removal of the bile ducts is successfully performed in our hospital.

General surgery

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