Angiovue OCT+ OCT Angioqrafiya

The AngioVue system is available in three configurations to meet the specific needs of your practice. AngioVue Comprehensive offers OCTA with extensive analytical functionality, while AngioVue Essential simplifies OCTA image interpretation with a single-page report. AngioVue Comprehensive and AngioVue Essential configurations include structural OCT for retina, glaucoma and anterior segment applications. 

AngioVue Retina combines OCTA with retina-only structural OCT. AngioVue Essential and Retina may be upgraded to AngioVue Comprehensive at any time.

The AngioVue Imaging System has been installed in more practices worldwide and featured in more peer-reviewed publications than any other OCTA technology. With Optovue, you can trust you're partnering with a company committed to industry-leading clinical education, technical support and product innovation.


  • Measure and Track Change in FAZ Area, Flow Area and Vessel Density;
  • Visualize Vessels of the Retina and Choroid Non-Invasively;
  • AngioVueHD 6x6mm Scan for Assessment Over a Wider Field of View;
  • Personalize Your Approach to Each Patient by Imaging As Often As Needed;
  • Choose AngioVue Comprehensive, Essential or Retina to Best Meet the Demands of Your Practice.
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