Şırım lampası TSL-800H, Haag- Streit tipli

High quality optics provide a very sharp and homogeneous slit and aperture to see all kinds of path0logies clearly. LED lamp has a low colour temperature and high illumination intensity. The LED lamp has a longer life span and consumes little energy. TO bring it to perfection, the high attenti0n to mechanical parts provide a comfortable handling and smooth operation.

The  TSL-800H  has  an  intergrated high-resolution digital camera which ensures images of the highest quality.  Also  fluorecine  photos  and real time videos are possible.

The  patient  management  software allows to compare several images at one time or change the contrast and brightness of the images.

You can control the illumination knob and joystick simultaneously with one hand. The HDMI output can be used to connect the TSL-800H with a monitor.  Share  the  live  eye  examination  with  other  people  and  show pictures  of  the  examination  to your  patient. This  creates  a comfortable workflow.

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B.e — C. Saat: 09:00—17:00
Bakı şəhəri, Badamdar qəsəbəsi,
A. Abbaszadə küç. 13a, AZ1073
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