LacryDiag Dry Eye

LacryDiag is an ocular surface analyzer that is CE marked and is approved by the FDA. The device, which is Quantel Medical’s first product in the dry eye market, complies with the dry eye diagnosis recommendations established in the DEWS II report.

It offers a fast and complete analysis of the three tear film layers with 4 non-contact exams:

  • Interferometry: diagnosis of the lipid layer;
  • Noninvasive Break-Up Time (N.I.B.U.T.): diagnosis of the mucin layer;
  • Tear meniscus: diagnosis of the aqueous layer;
  • Meibography: diagnosis of the meibomian glands;


  • Diagnose the cause of dry eye earlier;
  • Offer patients personalised and effective treatment from the first visit;
  • Provide evidence of diagnosis and treatment results;
  • Optimise post-surgery results (refractive, cataract);
  • Optimise the comfort of contact lens wearer.

Dry eye is a real public health problem but the symptoms are often misunderstood. As a multifactorial pathology that results from damage to the tear film due, this pathology is often underdiagnosed and underestimated. With LacryDiag, ophthalmologists are now able to diagnosis in a few minutes the three tear film layers to select a personalized treatment for the patient.

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