Microperimeter Nidek MP

The MP-3 has a wider range of stimulus intensity, from 0 to 34 dB, compared to the MP-1. The MP-3 measures perimetric threshold values, even for normal eyes. A maximum stimulus luminance of 10,000 asb* allows evaluation of low-sensitivity.

This measure fixation and determine the preferred retinal locus, simply by having the patient fixate on a target Constant tracking of the eye during microperimetry allows evaluation of fixation in patients with central visual field defects and determines whether fixation improves after treatment.


  • Microperimetry with a wide measurement range;
  • Fixation test with a precise tracking system;
  • High resolution non-mydriatic fundus camera;
  • Feedback exam for visual rehabilitation;
  • Scotopic microperimetry;
  • Auto tracking and auto alignment.

High resolution non-mydriatic fundus camera

An easy to use 12-megapixel fundus camera is incorporated into the MP-3 and acquires high resolution images of retinal pathology.

Feedback exam for visual rehabilitation

The visual rehabilitation mode trains low-vision patients who have lost foveal fixation to relocate their preferred retinal locus (PRL) to a different region, called the trained retinal locus (TRL). The TRL is predetermined by a physician, and fixation rehabilitation allows the patient better functional vision (i.e. reading speed) due to increased fixation stability and visual outcomes.

Active flickering pattern stimulation and cheery music create an effective and pleasant training experience for the patient.

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