About us

Badam Medical Center

The  multi-specialized medical diagnostic and treatment center "Badam Medical Center" is your reliable assistant in the purpose of prevention, resumption and preservation of health! Badam Medical Center is rightfully one of the best multidisciplinary medical centers in Baku. The center affords an opportunity for  all residents and guests of the Baku to use medical care that meet the highest requirements and standards.

Our center uses three simple rules: recognize the patient, calm him down and help him. We are firmly convinced that it is precisely this attitude that can effectively solve a person’s problem, helps him recover and live a comfortable life. Therefore, we carefully select doctors for our friendly team. We evaluate not only their professionalism and successful experiences, but also their attitude to people, life rules and principles.

Mission and vision

We strive to provide our clients with a high level of medical care based on the professionalism of doctors, modern diagnostic methods and a trusting relationship between doctor and patient. We out of concern for providing patients with a sense of confidence and safety when the need for medical care arises.

Handpicked team

The “Badam Medical Center“ employs over 30 professionals of the highest medical category - doctors and candidates of medical sciences. Our doctors constantly participate in scientific conferences, forums, congresses and visit professional medical platforms of the world. Many of them have been working in the field of medicine for over 30 years. Each specialist of the clinic is a valuable part of our large and friendly family. Thus, all of us are driven by one good purposes - help a person stay healthy. The administration of “Badam Medical Center“ with great responsibility relates to the selection of medical personnel - we invite only those doctors and specialists who will be entrusted with our health.

Best equipment

We always have an itch to offer our patients only the highest quality diagnostic and treatment services. Therefore, the multidisciplinary medical center "Badam Medical Center" is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and medical technologies. This has become possible due to the fact that our doctors are able to work even with the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment, they are able to quickly decrypt the data and competently prescribe adequate therapy based on the obtained indicators.