A slim figure today is more than the lack of issues with clothing availability and ease of travel. This is an intangible business card, rank and yet very real acceptance points from others. More excuses and sacrifices work: If you want to capture other people's enthusiastic looks around you, bring your body in order.

A slim waist, however, and the absence of body fat on the thighs, shoulders, and neck are not all about good diet and daily exercise. Physiologically, some areas on our body function as a "depot" of energy, which is why subcutaneous fat maintains an incredible amount even with weight loss there. This is because of the body's human (including hereditary) features, but in fact it occurs as a flaw in appearance. So, due to imperfections in the form of the buttocks some slim girls are forced to avoid tight skirts and trousers and some complicated due to a double chin. In these cases how can aesthetic medicine help? Let's think about the Liposuction possibilities.

Liposuction is an esthetic procedure which aims to remove fatty deposits from certain areas of the body of the patient. This procedure is not recommended for obese people, contrary to the prevalent assumption, because its main purpose is not to minimize a person's weight but to alter the figure's form.

Technique and duration of the liposuction procedure

In scientific words, liposuction is a suction of adipose tissue using a vacuum pump-a kind of "fat vacuum cleaner." Such surgeries are performed under both local and general anesthesia. It all depends on the region the fat is being pumped out from. The surgeon makes small cuts 1-1,5 cm in length on the skin, loosens the tissues with special solutions, then inserts a thin tube (cannula) into the subcutaneous fat, through which the fat must "fall."

Depending on the amount of fat removed, the length of the entire procedure will range from 10 minutes to an hour.

After liposuction, as a result of healing, a framework of fibrous tissue is formed, which prevents the growth of the fat layer.

Postoperative period and rehabilitation periods

Observation in the clinic over the day is necessary with a limited amount of surgery. In the case of large volumes of extraction of adipose tissue, postoperative examination within 2-3 days can be needed. Drainages can also stay for 2-3 days, and dressings are made every 1-2 days.

Wide-spectrum antibiotics are recommended for a duration of 5 days to prevent the introduction of a secondary infection.

Usually sutures are removed 5-7 days after surgery.

Limited compression underwear should also be worn for 2 weeks. In order to restore lymphatic drainage and smooth the skin surface, it is important to start performing 10-12 massage sessions already at 4-5 days after the procedure.

As a rule, patients should lead a normal lifestyle after a week of service, and go to work. After 1.5-2 months the end impact is clear. Full recovery occurs within six months, with subcutaneous tissue development.

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