Neck Aesthetics

Neck contour and skin composition inexorably betray age. Gradually, deep transverse folds, wrinkles emerge on the neck's front side, the skin along the face's lower edge, and the chin gradually loses its color, stretches and starts to shrink. The subcutaneous neck muscle-platism-is responsible for that area's appearance. With age it loses elasticity, the edges of the muscle that diverge along the midline, and then the longitudinal "strands" ("turkey neck") develop on the spine, and the angle of the spine-chin also increases. The angle would usually not be more than 120 degrees.

Neck and chin lift

The bifurcated edges of the neck muscles are especially noticeable in slim people with tension in the muscles of the neck and slight turning of the head towards the side. Making the skin of the neck smoothness and making the chin an elegant underscored outline may allow platysmoplasty to remove these improvements.

In certain cases, platysmaplasty may not offer a pronounced effect due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure, with a low location of the hyoid bone on the neck. In such a case, therefore, platysmaplasty has to be combined with the procedure of growing the chin projection with an implant. These two complementary operations are performed through one small incision in the chin fold. As a result, a pronounced cervical-chin angle can be achieved, which should be no more than 120 degrees.

A neck lift is an operation on the subcutaneous cervical muscle and is performed to smooth the neck's skin and reduce bifurcation of the neck's subcutaneous muscle, remove sagging skin along the lower edge of the face and jaw, and achieve rejuvenating effect. This procedure greatly decreases the angle to the cervical lip.

It is often done in tandem with operations such as SMAS-lifting, mini-S-lifting, neck and chin liposuction and lower face laser liposuction, removal of the cheek's fatty body (Bisha lumps) and mentoplasty (increasing chin projection). With unexpressed tissue slackening in the neck and chin region, endoscopic equipment and endovideocontrol may be needed to stitch the neck muscle edges. This procedure is called endoscopic plastic neck surgery, and is done in the same way as neck liposuction by small punctures.

Problems that neck lifting can solve:

  • Transverse deep wrinkles on the neck;
  • Sagging chin skin;
  • Double chin and body fat in the neck;
  • The need to rejuvenate the neck and chin;
  • The appearance of longitudinal “cords” on the neck (occurs due to weakening, sagging and divergence of the edges of the subcutaneous muscle of the neck due to the loss of its elasticity with age);
  • Reduction of the cervical-chin angle.

Neck lifting operation

Surgery with the raising of the neck normally takes place under intravenous anesthesia. The extent of the procedure and the characteristics of the technique depend on skin elasticity, the weight, the patient's age and the complexity of the neck changes. When the patient is overweight, platysmoplastic treatment may be paired with neck and chin liposuction. The surgeon will remove his excess with extreme stretching of the skin (e.g. after significant weight loss or with serious age-related changes).

In the submental fold is made an incision, and if necessary, more small incisions are made behind the auricles. The doctor places incisions in the natural folds which strengthen and conceal the scar's cosmetic qualities. A thin cosmetic seam instead appears like a skin fold. The next stage is platism enhancing.

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