Prescription for glasses

Visual acuity test and selection of glasses

If a person has vision problems, and especially if this happens for the first time, then you should not rush into buying glasses. In addition, it is strongly discouraged to purchase glasses in institutions and places not intended for this, such as supermarkets, shops, junctions, subways, markets, or worse, buy from someone else.

Before such an acquisition, it is important to consult an ophthalmologist who will reliably figure out why the vision decreased, decide which glasses are suitable to wear in your case and even write a prescription for their purchase. Even if vision issues do not arise in a person for the first time, or vision has deteriorated with age, consultation with an ophthalmologist is important in either case.

Vision correction spectacle is a popular technique which has been used for many years. It's characteristic of the following advantages: flexibility, impact reversibility, the ability to replace lenses. Furthermore, it is important that the glasses protect the eyes against wind and dust. These are easy to use, and require no special treatment.

The selection of optical products should be done by an ophthalmologist, not a store consultant, in order for the eyeglass repair to provide full benefit. If you have trouble with the vision, check yourself at a medical facility. A trained professional conducts the required manipulations and provides the best possible alternative. Preliminary preparation is not required. There are no contraindications to the procedures.

Visual acuity test and selection of glasses

Electronic sign projector-a tool designed for the visual acuity determination. The main elements are an LCD panel with test characters displayed and a remote control. Advanced models allow to use a pre-programmed display sequence of characters.

The quality of modern devices is superb. Slides are automatically substituted for each other. The patient needn't wait until the doctor shows the picture below. The method is as fast as possible.

Visual acuity refers to the eyes' ability to differentiate distant points within near range. A wide variety of checks and optotypes are available at the projector. Many models have movable elements with "active tables." The ophthalmologist, with their aid, most specifically defines differences in human vision.

An autorefractokeratometer is a tool that detects the parameters required to correct a spectacle vision. It is fitted with a feature in the presence of cataracts for evaluating the refraction. This also offers the possibility of collecting knowledge about the eyeball cornea periphery.

Autorefractokeratometry is a non-contact method of research which facilitates the diagnosis of refractive errors in the eye. System operating theory is plain. It emitts an infrared light ray. This passes into the eye, and is then mirrored in the retina. Special sensors are used to record details. A computer program searches the data and displays the results.

The Autorefractokeratometer is fitted with a joystick to enable control. Setup is done with one hand. A built-in printer is at the front of the unit. The results are printed by clicking on a button.

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