Hair transplantation

Both men and women usually do not note emerging hair problems until symptoms of alopecia are apparent. At this point, restoreing their healthy appearance and condition with medications is already unlikely.

A hair transplant is the one redemption from total baldness. The operation is done at the Badam Medical Center. Transplantation helps you to transfer hair from donor areas to one that requires vegetation replenishment, and boost the appearance of the patient, giving him back youth, attractiveness.

Hair transplant in Baku-The hair of Badam Medical Center is performed in many cases, including:

Hereditary alopecia. It's no secret that men (less often-women) lose their hair in some families at a certain age. That happens not early enough often. This state of affairs allows Doctors to interfere.

Overshadowing the effects of skin integrity violation. Chemical and thermal burns, all manner of injuries and procedures leave visible traces on them in the form of scars and the loss of hair. The truth is, such interference in the structure's integrity destroys hair roots and produces bald spots.

Only a specialist in transplants can cope with this problem:

  • Change the hairline if desired by the patient;
  • Increased hair density;
  • If necessary, adjust the shape of the mustache, eyebrows, beard.

The method is good for several features:

  • When picking and planting the transplant material, the individual length of the hair roots is taken into account;
  • After the recovery period, donor grafts are not visible, since very small pieces of skin with hair bulbs placed on them are removed in the process;
  • The landing zone of the material looks natural and neat;
  • A very high percentage of grafting of transplanted hair.

Hair transplant procedure in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Hair transplantation - surgical restoration of hair on the head, eyebrows, face. Where conservative treatment fails, the operation is indicated for baldness caused by different causes. 

Hair Transplant Prices

The price depends on the hair transplantation method on the head and baldness zone region. A trichologist will tell you in detail what procedure is most appropriate in your situation, in a face-to-face consultation, and will name the cost.

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