Contour plastic

Contour plastic surgery - this procedure is performed by introducing filler gels into the skin, i.e.  fillers that are widely used to perform the following cosmetic procedures: fight against wrinkles, replenish tissue volumes, change the shape of the lips, eliminate aesthetic defects of the face and body.  In the  professional hands of a true specialist, the outcome of contouring is similar to the results of plastic surgery, but most importantly - no discomfort, scars or postoperative rehabilitation.

Types of procedures

The contouring technique is common both in Russia and abroad. New medicines surface on the cosmetology market each year and are used as dermal fillers by physicians. In the recipe, the hyaluronic acid is identical to the natural product that the body has synthesized in young years.

The production declines over the years, which explains skin elasticity loss, the appearance of enlarged pores, dull tone and dryness. Facial contouring helps fillers from leading cosmetic brands in removing the first symptoms of wilting.

There are several types of this technology:

Lip contouring - correction of appearance.  Thanks to the skillful use of the gel, the sponges become more juicy and smooth. They become sexual and sensual, attract the eye from the side. The filler helps to make the outline clearer, increase the volume, adjust the shape, raise the corners down, eliminate the asymmetry of the lines. The injection technique is chosen according to purpose. The average time for this treatment is 10-15 minutes. Anesthesia is placed to topical use. The effect lasts from six months to 2 years, during which the tissues consume the injected drug.

Eyelid contouring - recommended for getting rid of swelling and darkening under the eyes.  It allows you to eliminate the first facial wrinkles, to make the look more inspired and deep.  Injections should only be carried out by a contouring expert, who has expertise in conducting such procedures.

Contour the cheekbones plasty with fillers-this type of corrective cosmetology helps you to adjust the face's oval, highlight its contour, and shape lines. It is the contour of the cheekbones that primarily influences the facial form.

Chin contour - recommended for lack of volume in the lower third of the face.  Allows you to create a beautiful, strong-willed chin with strict lines. Chin contour-advised in the lower third of the nose, due to lack of volume.  Allows to create a beautiful, strong-willed chin with strict lines.

Contour plastic surgery of the nose is another spectrum procedure by which the shape and length of the nose can be corrected, the pointing tip defect corrected, the hump removed and the fossae concealed from the post-acne.

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