Breast augmentatio

Mammoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic operations in women of all ages. We're going to tell you what to consider if you're seriously worried about changing the shape or size of your chest.

Breast augmentation is a treatment for breast enlargement and for altering the appearance of the breast by means of implants. The breast enlargement treatment uses oval or triangular implants. Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgeries in the world, performed for both esthetic and self-esteem purposes.

The shape and size of the breasts play an important role not only in the appearance of a woman, but also in influencing the understanding of one's own body and self-esteem. Women often have issues with relatively small breasts of irregular form. It is not a physical problem, but rather a psychological one, since it adversely affects the self-esteem of a individual.

Women may need breast-improving surgery for congenital breast hypoplasia (pathological maltreatment of the breast) as well as for pregnancy and lactation. Sagging skin on the chest gives the appearance of a sluggish, flabby body. As a rule, surgery provides excellent outcomes, enabling the use of larger implants, since the skin of the chest is already very stretched. If the skin is too stretched, a breast tightening procedure should be started.

How is the operation performed?

The operation normally lasts 60–90 minutes. The choice of a particular form of surgery depends on your individual anatomy and desires, as well as the advice of the surgeon.

A 4–5 cm long incision is made under the breast, which the surgeon is often trying to make minimally visible. Usually, the marks are almost noticeable over time. After the incision is made, the "box" is prepared for the implant-below the breast or under the pectoral muscles.

The majority of surgeons advise the implant to be positioned under the pectoral muscles, as the muscle better covers the implant, but often, despite all the considerations, it is easier to put the implant under the breast. The choice is an individual one. The patient must be in a half-sitting position for the final positioning of the implant.

After breast augmentation surgery

In the first days of surgery, the breasts are quite uncomfortable due to the discomfort of the implants. Normal mobility (especially the upper body) is therefore restricted. The doctor typically prescribes painkillers for this period of time.

Suture threads dissolve in the body on their own, 14 days after surgery, the individual sutures must be removed. Initially, the surgical suture is crimson and hard; after a few months, it brightens and blends with the rest of the tissue. 3 weeks after surgery, continue lubricating the wound with a special ointment. Cover the surgical suture from the sun for 6 months after surgery.

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