Oculoplastic surgery


Okuloplasty surgery requires intervention, the eyeball has been done. There are procedures on the eyelids, eye muscles, lacrimal organs, orbital tissues and bones, as well as essential treatments for eyeball prothetics. Scleroplasty and collagenoplasty can also be listed as small oculoplasty procedures, which can avoid progressive myopia or conduct post-eyeball tissue therapy for eye fundus diseases.

Eyelid Surgery ( Blepharoplasty )

Eyelid surgery is done with diseases (inversion and eversion of the eyelids, ptosis, traumatic eyelid defects) or with an esthetic and anti-aging purpose. Currently, cosmetic blepharoplasty is becoming increasingly common-a minor surgery that allows you to remove changes in the eyelids related to age and give them a younger look. Before undertaking this operation, it should be remembered that you must undergo a thorough examination by a doctor-an ophthalmologist to assess the condition of the eyes, eyelids and lacrimal organs and remove contraindications to the surgery. If patients have plans for laser vision correction to eliminate myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, then aesthetic blepharoplasty should be performed in the second stage, after the completion of the eye rehabilitation process after laser interventions.

Plastic surgery of the eyelids - is recommended and very efficient manipulation, to drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes do not make a person looking older than his years, that man did not look tired for no reason, as well, that it does not interfere with vision, as often happens.

These operations can be performed due to medical conditions and for reasons of improving appearance.

The operation is carried out under the guidance of a certified surgeon - an ophthalmologist, which is an indisputable guarantee of an excellent result. Plastic surgery of the eyelids helps to restore a more vigorous, young and rested facial expression. Usually the operation is performed under local anesthesia, and a few hours after it you can go home.

What is oculoplasty ?

Oculoplastics is a branch of ophthalmology , which includes various types of plastic surgery in the eye area . The operation is performed eye doctor - surgeon , specializes in plastic surgery of the eyes .

In what cases do oculoplastic operations?

The eye can be transformed by plastic surgery as a cosmetic, and medical function.

In what cases do cosmetic oculoplastic operations ?

The category of cosmetic problems comprises all eyelid modifications that don't affect human health. For example, this category includes the excess skin of the eyelids developed over the years which creates the illusion of a tired look, including "bags" above and below the eyes. Small formations on the skin of the eyelids are often included in this group, in most cases papillomas that do not affect the eyeball, small hands without inflammation, and small yellowish formations on the skin of the eyelids which are normally cholesterol or other lipid deposits.

In which cases do medical oculoplastic operations ?

Changes in medical treatment-shifts, causing visual loss. For instance, a noticeable excess skin age, typically in the elderly, which causes visual field contraction; eyelid omission or ptosis, which partially or fully closes the pupil.

This group also includes changes in the condition of the eyelid, when the eyelashes are curved towards the eyeball (entropy) and constantly rub against the surface of the eye, causing inflammation and irritation. Or vice versa, the lid starts outwardly everted ( ectropion ), whereby permanent begins tearing and inflamed eyes, because the mucosa of the inner surface of the century is not protected from environmental influences. Improper growth of the eyelash (trichiasis), which also causes permanent irritation of the eye.

Medical problems are also different types of tumors that can be dangerous to human life. Sometimes, therefore, a small one, according to the patient, education requires serious surgery with extensive reconstruction.

Oculoplastic surgery is also necessary for patients with paralysis of the facial nerve, if it is necessary to replace the eye with an implant, as well as for various pathologies of lacrimal passages or diseases of the eye orbit.

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