Gonioscopy of the eye

The medical term "gonioscopy" refers to a diagnostic procedure designed to examine the anterior eye space. Ophthalmic equipment is used in the process, in the form of a gonioscope and a slit lamp. Gonioscopy is one of the main techniques for the diagnosis of a condition such as glaucoma, owing to its high precision.

Inspection of the anterior eye chamber shows symptoms of a particular kind of disorder: inflammatory, painful, dystrophic. The procedure is non-invasive, but needs a little planning to be done immediately prior to its start.

Total diagnostic tests (including gonioscopy) can be performed at Professor Eskina's ophthalmology clinic. We have a strong diagnostic base, made up of equipment that enables you to get the most reliable results. It turns into an important tool in the hands of our diagnostics allowing you to diagnose correctly.

Eye gonioscopy: what is it?

The anterior ophthalmic chamber is the anatomical space with the iris and cornea, situated on the meju. Her system is such that the lateral corners are not clearly visible. Goniscopia's main aim is to define and research the angle between the iris and the cornea. Anomalies such as adhesions, in which the iris adheres to the cornea or lens, the presence of neoplasms of some kind, foreign bodies, as well as abnormal accumulations of pigment epithelium on the cornea, are discovered during the process.

In the process of diagnostics, two types of lighting are used:

  • The first allows you to shine the angle of the anterior chamber through the cornea;
  • The second is based on passing rays through the protein and edge of the cornea;
  • Since both methods complement each other and allow you to get a more complete picture, they are used alternately during one diagnostic session.

While gonioscopy was first applied in the early last century, it still has not lost its relevance. On the contrary, the gonioscope development has allowed it to increase its accuracy and made it more effective. Gonioscopy is still the "gold standard" for diagnosing a disease like glaucoma.

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