Plastic surgery

There are many ways to improve appearance and gain confidence. Face aesthetic plastic surgery can change facial features, restore hair growth and improve skin quality. There are various procedures that will help to obtain these results, namely anti-aging, cosmetic and regenerative methods.

Reconstructive surgery is an investment in a successful life.

Plastic surgery is a very illuminating field of activity that every woman (or man!) must have thought about at least once in life. However, often the prices of plastic surgeries are an obstacle to taking the next concrete steps. Nevertheless, plastic surgery is a big investment, but for some reason many people do not think about this important factor. It is an investment in a much better and more fulfilling life. This is an investment in ourselves.

Beauty operations are sometimes done out of vainglory, but mostly still for a good reason - to remove a huge scar, to correct disproportionate or shapeless part of the body. If you feel uncomfortable in your body, then you should think about the ways of changing it for the better. First of all, we need to love ourselves, and only then we can get along with the people around us and courageously go towards everyday rubs and worries of life.

We help not only to transform person, emphasizing the personality, but also to eliminate the consequences of injuries: scars and cicatrixes. Operations of different difficulty levels are ongoing. The latest equipment, high professionalism and qualified service at all levels will help you feel comfortable during period of stay in our center.

What tasks does plastic surgery solve?

The main tasks of this area of medicine, as well as cosmetology (its closest «relative»), include the correction of congenital or acquired defects and the improvement of the aesthetics of the face and body. In this case, the methods of exposure to plastic surgery and cosmetology vary. The strength of cosmetology is the prevention of aesthetic problems and minimally invasive methods for solving them.

Plastic surgery allows to deal with existing imperfections radically and in a short time. Due to its specificity, it has practically endless possibilities!

Plastic surgery is divided into reconstructive and aesthetic fields. Reconstructive techniques are aimed at partial or complete restoration of functions lost by human organs, elimination of birth defects and traumatic injuries, etc. Thus, aesthetic operations help to create more perfect or restore facial features and body proportions that have changed with age.

Frequently, two areas of plastic surgery are combined. A great example of this is mammoplasty. With this operation, specialists are able not only adjust the size and shape of the bust, but also return it to the beauty and elasticity that was lost with age or as a result of breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, injuries, etc.

A recipe for success lies in combining the vast experience of surgeons and the most modern technical equipment. We even take on our shoulders difficult cases that other clinics refuse.

Plastic surgery

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