Genital Aesthetics

Recently, plastic surgery is not limited to facial and body operations-it also provides a wide variety of genital procedures, and the popularity of intimate surgery is growing year after year. It is partly due to the fact that more and more people in the sexual realm of life don't want to be exposed to their delusions and disappointment. In the current edition, interpersonal surgery requires both addressing medical issues and correcting anatomical deficiencies intrinsic to them.

Vaginoplasty and intimate surgery

Women and girls who have various defects in the genital organ system very frequently suffer not only any physical pain but also severe psycho-emotional disorders as well. The primary purpose of intimate area plastic surgery is to correct defects and improve the appearance of the female genital organs by certain procedures.

This helps you to give the patient trust in their own appearance and increase self-esteem, as well as during intercourse not to feel discomfited. It is important to observe major improvements compared with the appearance of the female genital organs before and after intimate plastic surgery. After surgery, they acquire a more regular shape, look aesthetica After surgery, they acquire a more regular shape, look aesthetically and organically.

Aesthetics in the external genital organs:

  • Labioplasty (Small lip reduction (minus labia));
  • Magic of labial oil or filler injection (large thick lips);
  • Aesthetics Pubis.

Aesthetics in the internal genital organs

  • Vaginoplasty (narrowing of the vagina);
  • Labioplasty (small lip aesthetic) surgery.

Small vulvar lips, which are part of the external genitalia, are genetically larger and longer in some people.  Also called internal sagging lips. The question is why inner labial sagging may come to mind.  The most important reason is sagging after childbirth, and sometimes postpartum sagging.  This is even more alarming, especially for thin women.  The narrow trousers and lips that are seen on the mezzanine also influence clothing choices.  Labioplasti is one of the most successful vaginal aesthetic operations performed by aesthetic surgical procedures performed by those who experience such inconvenience.

Augmentation of vulvar lips

Large vulvar lips may appear wrinkled and fuzzy in some women.  This may be a genetic feature, but we come across this after 30 years or they are very very weak.  With the desired external exposure of the genitals, the external lips should cover the small lips to a large extent in sufficient fullness.

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