Otolaryngology (ENT) is a branch of medicine that studies the anatomical and physiological characteristics and diseases of the following organs: ear, throat, nose, as well as the head and neck. Otolaryngology is a surgical discipline.

An otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the ear, throat and nose diseases. ENT doctors at Badam Medical Center provide assistance to adults and children using modern methods of treating upper respiratory tract inflammatory diseases that do not need hospitalisation. Outpatient diagnosis of ENT organ acute inflammatory diseases is conducted during the day hospital:  sampling of tests, medical manipulations, intravenous administration of drugs, physiotherapeutic care.

Badam Medical Center's specialist certification allows for the provision of assistance to adults and children in any situation-emergency and scheduled, acute and chronic, congenital and acquired, including oncological ENT organs. Operations should be done around the clock in urgent and pressing situations. Injuries and abscesses of ENT organs, extreme headache, followed by inflammation of the nose or neck, bleeds of the neck and nose, suffocation, frequent intense coughing attacks, dizziness followed by vomiting, high fever due to inflammation of the ENT organs are the cause for emergency hospitalisation.

In addition to outpatient care with ENT, Badam Medical Center has all the necessary equipment for surgical operations: tonsillectomy of the radio wave, vasotomy, nasal septum repair, polyp removal, and puncture of the maxillary sinuses.


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