Hip Shaping (Butt Growing)

Butt Growing

It is very possible to model a relatively round buttock. The implantation process is used in this situation, close to that of breast augmentation. The same silicone implants of various sizes are used, but in a different shape in order to achieve the desired effect.

The buttocks may be replicated with liposuction, although this is only possible in situations where excess fat is present. On the opposite, modeling using volumetric filling will achieve a more realistic outline and an improvement in the volume of flat buttocks. So either this is your own fat, or the newest implant. We get a lasting impact by using the implant, the procedure using fat needs to be replicated many times, because transplanted fat cells appear to dissolve before blood circulation is established. Moreover, with regard to the method of using fat, the modeling of the buttocks involves a comparatively larger volume which can be troublesome in thin people. It should be emphasized that even though the silicone implant is a foreign material for the body, the surgical result is very successful.

In patients with straight buttocks, but with elastic muscle, very strong results are obtained in plastic surgery on the buttocks. In the case of very relaxed, sagging and saggy skin, the effect of tightened and convex buttocks cannot always be guaranteed with the help of plastic surgery.  The implant helps to improve the profile of the buttocks, gives them a round shape and at the same time tightens saggy skin under the buttocks.

How is an implant inserted?

With an incision between the thighs, the implant is inserted, and a tiny postoperative scar lies between them, appearing like an invisible thin line that is not apparent over time. The implant is placed under the buttock muscle with the aid of cosmetic surgery, which removes it in order to stop its movement. The implant is inserted into the upper part of the buttock so that it is not in the seating position where the maximum pressure is. Do not sit directly on the implant.

Postoperative care

The procedure is done under general anesthesia and will last about an hour. The clinic's prescribed hospital stay is for one or two days. The patient will lie on his stomach after surgery, he will sit in three days, and then lie on his back after another week. You can do both office work and workouts after 14 days. Physical training of buttock muscles and maximum physical activity after six weeks is allowed.

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