Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Female breasts may be an object of fascination, envy, desire. The self-esteem of a woman depends primarily on her appearance. And this is one of the reasons why plastic surgery to correct the shape of the bust is common. In the meantime, many are afraid of implant placement. In this situation, surgery to expand the breast will help to correct the form of the breast-mastopexia.

What problems will a breast lift solve?

The consensus is that the female breast undergoes the most important changes during pregnancy and lactation.

However, there are other causes that contribute to the loss of elasticity and form of the bust:

  • Gravity is a natural and inevitable cause of loss of breast shape;
  • Age (over time, the glandular tissue of the mammary gland is replaced by a more loose fatty tissue, and the breast “drops”);
  • Heredity;
  • Hormonal changes;
  • Weight fluctuations;
  • Weakening of connective tissue (congenital features, age-related changes, stretching during feeding, etc. lead to this);
  • Improper selection of linen;
  • Smoking (leads to the destruction of elastin fibers).

They rejuvenate the chest by tightening (mastopexy), removing excess fat, raising the nipple with the areola, pulling up supporting tissues to achieve the desired form, elasticity. After mastopexia, the chest is taller and more elastic to the touch. Often, with the aid of a breast lift (periareolar mastopexia), the shape of an overstretched, swollen areola with a nipple may be restored.

Breast size does not change after breast lift, and the fullness or roundness of the upper chest does not change.

Women who want to make their breasts bigger, smaller or more rounded can suggest breast enlargement or breast reduction along with breast lift.

Who might be interested in a breast lift?

The best candidates for a breast lift are women whose breasts meet some or all of the following conditions:

  • Chest sagging;
  • Breast has lost shape or volume;
  • Chests flat, elongated or pendulum (hanging);
  • The skin of the chest and / or areola is stretched;
  • Nipples or areoles pointing down;
  • One breast below the other;

How is mastopexy performed?

Mastopexy is normally done under general anesthesia and takes between 1.5 and 3.5 hours. There are several incision options that can be used when breast lifts are performed.

It is successful at the top of the areola in the case of asymmetry of the nipple point, as well as a slight omission of the mammary glands.

Around the areola (periareolar mastopexia)-correction of mild prolapse of the throat, reduction of large-diameter areoles.

Vertical-The vertical incision is made from the areola to the submammal fold. It is indicated for mild prolapse of the mammary gland.

T-shaped-most effectively corrects the location of the breast with a good prolapse of the mammary glands. In addition to the vertical segment, a horizontal segment is rendered along the submammal fold.

In all cases, breast lifting surgery starts with the application of anesthesia or sedation. The surgeon makes the necessary incisions and then, in keeping with the new contour, lifts and adjusts the breast tissue. The nipple and areola shift higher, and the excess skin is removed from the edge of the swollen areola. Excessive breast skin due to low elasticity is trimmed. The sutures are positioned deep in the entire chest tissue, which holds the chest in a elevated position. When the procedure is completed, the sutures are applied either with stitches, or with bio-adhesive for fabrics, or with surgical tape.  Some incisions are hidden in the chest, while others may be visible.  Scars will become almost invisible over time.

How is the rehabilitation process going?

Upon surgery, wear underwear for 1 month. The chest is likely to be bruised and swollen immediately after surgery. Such postoperative symptoms will fade in a couple of days. Some numbness in the chest and nipples will be reduced as the swelling reduces. Sutures are removed after 1-2 weeks, with several patients going to work.

In a week, the patient will be able to return to normal life. The outcome of the procedure also depends on the woman's lifestyle immediately after returning home from the clinic.

It is extremely necessary to obey all the advice of the surgeon:

  • Within 5 days you have to abstain from the shower.  Wet wipes are suitable for maintaining hygiene.
  • You can only sleep on your back for two weeks.
  • Wear compression underwear for a month
  • Avoid heavy physical exertion, resume sports after 3-4 weeks
  • Do not use the sauna, steam bath, tanning bed for 3 months after removing the stitches
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