Botox injections

Botox is a botulinum toxin drug commonly used in cosmetology of the aesthetics. If you heard about how Botox is injected, you should also be familiar with the result-the face muscles are paralyzed (for a while) which helps you to smooth out the wrinkles effectively.

Botox. Indications and scope

The key position where Botox is used is the eyes, since it is the primary weapon in preventing the so-called "crow's feet," or the first wrinkles that occur in the corners of the eyes. Often among the areas where Botox is efficient-the forehead, the eyebrows, the entire face, and even the armpits, as the treatment not only helps to get rid of the wrinkles and avoid the aging process, but also prevents excessive sweating.

Botox is also used in many medical procedures - it is a widespread remedy that can deal with numerous health problems.

It has Botox and the repercussions resulting from its action theory-there is a minor limitation on the probability of facial expressions. In fact, it does not help to cause the emergence of new facial wrinkles, which will then become deeper ones. Botox injections on a daily basis help almost entirely remove wrinkles, while also depriving the patient of the ability to wrinkle their foreheads, smiling confidently and simply displaying emotions through facial expressions.

Features of the procedure using Botox

All people aging due to excessive muscle contraction transmitting feelings, facial wrinkles occur on the face. They arise as a result of the accustomed muscles to one position. For example, if a person constantly squints his eyes, so-called "crow's legs" are formed in the area of their outer corners-a network of small wrinkles, a fan-shaped diverging from the eyes.

Botox injections are good for wrinkles. The drug relaxes the facial muscles around the eyes, and the folds disappear without negative consequences, while the natural mobility of the face remains intact.


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