Leg Aesthetics

Shin grafting (cruroplasty) is a cosmetic surgery with the purpose of enhancing the appearance of the legs by fixing the shine by enlarging the muscles of the calf with silicone implants (crus-shin). This procedure is performed for men and women of differing ages. Bee cosmetic surgery helps to correct nature's errors in one day (plastic surgery with implants on the lower legs). The crooked hands, in figurative words, are fixable! At the Badam Medical Center, a trained plastic surgeon conducts leg plastic surgery using modern equipment with revolutionary implants.

Slender legs are considered very appealing, so it's normal for women to be worried and want those legs to get. It is quite likely for women with thick legs to have been looking for details about how to get rid of fat from the legs. Unattractive legs will limit wearing stylish clothes. This complex may result in a loss of self-confidence.

Indication for crurae  plastic:

  • Elimination of the limbs curvature (leg bones in the form of “o” or in the form of “x”);
  • Asymmetry of the shape of the legs;
  • Curvature (false and true curvature);
  • Atrophy / hypotrophy of the leg muscles;
  • Very thin legs without relief.

Correction of the legs: plastic surgery

Under general anesthesia, plastic surgery is done to correct the legs; the duration is around 2 hours. Kroroplasty is performed by surgical incision (3-4 cm) in the popliteal fold or under the popliteal region or frontal entry, and the implant is inserted in soft tissue-directly under the muscle or under its membrane. At the same time, the incisions are small, and the marks are covered in almost opaque skin folds.

Silicone implant consists of a thick shell and a sterile saline or solid gel. They are very elastic, because during movement, the process of contracting the calf muscles changes the shape of the lower leg. Endoprostheses are chosen to suit muscular form. Implant types: Projection symmetric and asymmetric (anatomic). The surface is rough or smooth (textured). Raw endoprostheses take root best with tight tissues, which guarantee long-term and safe surgical intervention outcomes. The implant is mounted in such a way that it is not sensitive to wearer or touch.

Foot surgery: rehabilitation

Because the procedure is done under general anesthesia, it takes at the hospital just two days. After 7–10 days, sutures are removed. Wearing special underwear for 4-6 weeks to patch. Physical activity is limited to two months.

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