Breast reduction

Although breast enlargement remains one of the most common plastic surgeries in the world, many women dream of the exact opposite-they want to make their breasts smaller. And this kind of action is also possible. Breast reduction, or reduction of mammoplasty, as plastic surgeons call this operation, is also very common.

What you need to know when planning this procedure?

Who and why would breast reduction surgery be required? It would appear that a lush bust is considered to be one of the most significant indicators of female attractiveness. Actually, that's not exactly accurate. The results of a study conducted by the underwear manufacturer Gossards showed that, for most men, the second size is the most desirable, only 14 per cent prefer big breasts, and 28 per cent of respondents said that size is not important to them at all. According to another survey conducted by Australian sexologists, it turned out that very big breasts attract more adolescents, whereas mature males prefer medium parameters.

Reduction of mammoplasty (mastopexy) is a breast reduction procedure that requires the resection of excess fat and glandular tissue, as well as of the skin. The technique of such an operation is similar to mastopexy-a breast lift. As a result of decreased mammoplasty, the volume of the mammary glands decreases, the excess of the stretched, missing skin tone is eliminated, and the breast has a toned and natural form. Gigantomastia complicates the choice of clothes and towels, limits sport. Too big a breast causes not only psychological but also physical pain due to increased load on the spine, maceration of the skin, diaper rash underneath the submammary fold. Breast reduction surgery (reduction of mammoplasty) helps you to solve these problems and increase the proportion of the figure.

When can breast reduction surgery be done?

It seems like if a woman has a naturally big breast, what can I talk about? The owners of a magnificent bust, however, know the reverse side of such "cash." Volumetric breasts are dropping high. Its form worsens over time, stretch marks emerge. Too big a breast (when the mass of the breast reaches 0.5 kg) may cause physical discomfort. The word "giantomastia" exists to describe this issue in aesthetic medicine. Due to extra load on the spine, back pain, migraine, sleep disturbances, scoliosis, osteochondrosis may develop. All of this adversely impacts the health of the body as a whole.

How is breast reduction surgery done?

Reduction of mammoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. The length of the mammoplasty reduction is 3-5 hours. The plastic surgeon makes incisions along the lines of the marking previously applied. Depending on the initial state of the breast: the amount of excess glandular and adipose tissue, the degree of sagging, the occurrence of anatomical defects of the areola, the incisions can be placed along the contour of the areola, perpendicular to the submammal fold or along its contour. The ideal technique (access to excess glandular and adipose tissue) is selected separately by a plastic surgeon for consultation. Adipose and glandular tissue are accessed by mammary plasty incisions and excess skin is removed along with normal fat. The plastic surgeon decreases the volume of the mammary glands and, if necessary, the size of the areoles. At the final stage of the reduction of mammoplasty, sutures are applied and the patient is temporarily placed with drainage.

Recovery after reduction mammoplasty

The day after breast gland removal, the patient is wearing a special compression bra, which should be worn until the end of the early recovery period. The period of the hospitalization is from 1 to 3 days. Sutures are inserted 10-14 days after reduction of mammoplasty. This is not needed if a plastic surgeon uses an absorbable suture. Pain is not very noticeable and, if possible, relieves painkillers prescribed by the doctor. You should give up physical exercise for a while (it is necessary not to overstrain the shoulder girdle), hot water, exposure to ultraviolet rays. Plastic surgeons at Pirogov Clinic always keep in touch with their patients and lead them until the rehabilitation is completed.

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