Brazilian Butt Lift

The only thing in life that you have to look back is the reflection of your own butt!

About Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian buttock lift gives you the chance to increase your body by using natural fat from other parts of the body. You can use liposuction and lipofilling to get the normal, rounded, solid types many dream of.

Badam Medical Center now offers the best buttock lift for you! The Brazilian buttock lift is now available, and you can have the perfect round ass with liposuction and lipofilling as you always wish!

Although the breast continues to rank first among the areas of the body that patients want to enlarge, the addition of roundness in the buttocks is becoming increasingly common. One way to raise the buttocks' size and fullness is to get a minimally invasive operation known as a brasilian buttock lift. This operation removes stubborn deposits of fat, which appear to accumulate in other areas of the body (such as on the stomach and hips) and transfers these fat cells to the buttocks. The effect is a natural, long-lasting volume of buttocks with an additional benefit-fashioning and making certain areas more appealing contour.

Brazilian buttock lift is for patients who want to fill the buttocks with fullness. It also gives the buttocks a graceful rise, providing a more youthful contour. This procedure suits you if you have enough fat cells available for use in one or more other areas of the body.

The Brazilian buttock lift offers the following benefits:

  • Graceful increase in size, forms buttocks for an attractive contour;
  • No incisions when enlarged, which means no visible scars after the procedure;
  • Adipose tissue transplant provides a long and even permanent effect in most patients;
  • Correction of minor imperfections and asymmetries;
  • Natural appearance of the buttocks;
  • Ability to simultaneously form other parts of the body.
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