Ophalmology is a field of medicine that studies the physiological and anatomical features of the ocular organ, as well as treats diseases of the eye and its appendages (eyelids, lacrimal organs, mucous membrane).

The priority direction of the ophthalmology department is eye microsurgery, including the treatment of glaucoma, cataracts, retinal diseases of severe somatic patients who, along with eye diseases, have complex chronic diseases (diabetes mellitus, aggravated forms of hypertension, heart attacks, and prior stroke).

The department provides all types of ophthalmological consultations on any issues related to eye diseases and visual impairment. Consultations are carried out by qualified ophthalmologists. It is possible to attract scientific experts - candidates and doctors of medical sciences. Consultations of related specialists (otorhinolaryngologist, general practitioner, endocrinologist) are held on special issues.

Moreover, in the department of eye microsurgery, examinations are conducted for all types of ophthalmology: subjective and objective examination of visual acuity and refraction, biomicroscopy of the anterior segment of the eye, computer perimetry, computer-assisted coherence tomography, ultrasound diagnostics, fundus examination and much more.

The department is fitted out with equipment for performing microsurgical and laser operations, modern optoelectronic and computer diagnostic tools that provide usage of physiotherapeutic and diagnostic measures, and many other modern eye surgery tools.

The technical equipment of the clinic allows us to conduct complex diagnostic and treatment procedures as efficiently and safely as possible.

In the department of eye microsurgery many various methods are used, namely: methods of less traumatic treatment, minimal intervention and non-suture sealing surgery, different types of laser treatment and physiotherapy.

The ophthalmology department employs highly qualified medical personnel who have undergone specific training. The professional level of our doctors is confirmed by specialized certificates.


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