Otoplasty (aesthetics of the ear)

Auricles plastic surgery. Otoplasty.

Elimination of deafness, reconstruction of the auricles, asymmetry correction. Suitable for adults and children.

Otoplasty is a plastic surgery to correct orthosis of the auricles.  The auricle is an elastic cartilage covered in the skin that reproduces the shape of the auricle very precisely. If the auricle has the correct shape, it is sufficient to incise the cartilage and fix the ear as close to the skull as possible during the operation.

But sometimes it is necessary to correct the relief of the auricle, which is not quite pronounced, as well as the shape of the ear.

As a rule, the auricles are not completely symmetrical, so the operation can only be performed on one or both ears. At the initial consultation, the surgeon will tell you in detail which method can be used to correct the aesthetic defect of your ears.

Ear plastic surgery - otoplasty is an operation in which:

  • Protrusion of auricles  (protruding ears) is eliminated;
  • The auricles (partial and complete) are reconstructed;
  • Asymmetry is corrected;
  • The shape of ear cartilage is modeled;

When can a child have a protruding ears surgery?

The minimum age for a child is 6 years.

Auricle deformation is congenital or acquired, and is very common. Medicine has recently advanced so far that the outer portion of the ear can also be completely healed if you lose it due to trauma. Otoplasty is a different form of surgery that requires the operation on the auricle.

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