Non-surgical figure correction

Figure correction is a non-surgical method of improving body shape, using a complex of cosmetic treatments, physical activity and a healthy diet. Consists of: liming, running and bodybuilding.

Slimming caused by the breakdown of body fat is a general or local reduction in body volume. Approximately 80 per cent of patient demands for figure correction are related to the need to reduce body fat.

The Badam Medical Center is most commonly consulted with a view to reducing the volume of the buttocks locally, the lateral surfaces of the thighs, the inner surfaces of the thighs, the fat layer on the belly, in the hips, reducing the volume of the arms and also with the goal of a general reduction in the volume of the body in obesity. The drop is due to the thickness of the hypodermis (subcutaneous fat). In that end, the impact on problem areas is calming.

The stimulating effect is aimed at:

  • Lipolysis (fat breakdown);
  • Inhibition of lipogenesis (blocking the formation of fats in the body);
  • Improvement of blood supply to adipose and muscle tissues;
  • Removal of excess fluid from adipose and muscle tissue, as well as decay products and toxins generated during lipolysis.

Additionally, good nutrition and physical activity are the key factors which cause the adipose tissue splitting mechanism.

Lifting is offering the profile harmony by raising the abdomen (strengthening the abdominal press muscles), thighs, chest, and waist.

As a rule, lifting is required after a liming. This is because sagging skin also happens after extracting a significant volume of adipose tissue. The explanation for this is inelastic ligaments, the flabby muscles.

In addition to cosmetic treatments, physical activities designed to improve the muscle tissue are also successful at the lifting level.

Bodybuilding is an improvement in the volumes of the body: chest, thighs, calf muscles, shoulder girdle muscles etc. The degree of increase in body volume is not limited. Non-surgical approaches, however, do not allow for a dramatic increase in volumes, because this does not happen because of implants, but because of an increase in one's own muscle mass.

Regardless of the main objective of body correction (reduction or increase in body volume, skin lifting) the concomitant cosmetic defects, the most prominent of which are cellulite, striae, general muscle hypotension, reduced skin turgor, etc., need to be fixed.

So, a set of physical exercises and sound diet are used for the purposes of non-surgical figure correction, equipment, manual, instrumental techniques, cosmetic preparations.

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